The club welcomes enquiries about membership from existing NFAS & potential new members.
If you join High Cross Field Archers, you will also need to join NFAS which will then cover public liabilities insurance. Members must also agree to the club objectives, rules of shooting and etiquette.
NFAS members may if they wish, belong to more than one club.
Our membership year runs from 1st January in each year but NFAS membership runs from April to April. 
When you first join NFAS, you will be enrolled as provisional members. As soon as we are of the opinion that you are competent and safe, club officers will sign you off as a full NFAS member, this allows you to attend NFAS open shoots countrywide.
Members regularly attend NFAS shoots at other clubs and national competitions.  To find out what shoots are on follow the link: NFAS shoot dates
​It may just look like we're having fun in the woods, but National Field Archery Society field archery is the most challenging style there is. If you enjoy any style of archery from field to target GNAS, FITA, IFAA, we're sure you'll love shooting arrows at High Cross Field Archery Club in the Cotswolds.
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